PEACE PROBE by Gene Stoltzfus

CPTers held in Baghdad by peaceprobe
December 1, 2005, 7:46 am
Filed under: Afghanistan and Pakistan

By this time many of you know that four CPT workers were taken hostage in Baghdad. This crisis calls us back to our most basic convictions in life, what is worth living for and what is worth dying for. This event reminds us that we build meaning into our lives by the choices we make.
The choice to begin, and to continue the CPT work in Iraq was made in prayer. I believe it was the right decision, and that the hand of God seeks to be revealed as we all walk into the face of violence in this century.
Today is December 1st. In 25 days Christians will be joined by people of many faiths to celebrate the Prince of Peace. He came in weakness, as a baby, in a time when terrorism was rampant. A few days after his birth, innocent male children were declared enemies of the state and killed. A lot of people must have thought that this was a poor way to begin the peace project.

Now, like in the time of Jesus, the earth and its people hang in the balance. The outcome of this abduction of my co-workers is not only in the hands of hostage takers and persons working tirelessly to seek their release. The outcome of this event is also in your hands, in my hands.
I write to encourage your prayers for the hostages, the hostage takers, for Iraqi people who face this every day and for the good that can come from this event. Your prayers for the immediate outcome and for our common willingness to embrace sacrifice and risk are a fundamental part of our commitment to the Christ who had to flee to Egypt because of state sponsored terrorism.
I know that I speak for at least two of the CPT hostages with whom I have worked directly that their desire is that this situation will be used to awaken the soul of our age, to bring us to deeper unity, vision, and the practical arts of peacemaking.
With much thankfulness for colleagues in the journey.
Gene Stoltzfus
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