PEACE PROBE by Gene Stoltzfus

I am waiting by peaceprobe
December 8, 2005, 8:17 am
Filed under: Afghanistan and Pakistan

I am waiting. I am waiting for the release of detainees and captives. I am waiting for the end to terror. While I wait I am joining a great movement around the world who are part of the work of peacemaking.

This morning my friend of many years Yorifumi Yaguchi a Japanese poet, peace movement leader and retired Professor sent this poem.   

Plea to Those Who Abducted the Four

Why did you abduct those
Who tried to make peace without weapons?
In Japan in Middle Ages
Even the samurai did not draw
Their swords against the unarmed.

Why did you abduct those
Who opposed Israeli Military’s demolition
Of the Arab houses in Hebron,
Who were protecting Palestine children
On their way to school from being attacked?

Why did you abduct those
Who publicly denounced the torture
At Abu Graib and let all the world know,
Who with the Iraqi families negotiate with
U.S. Military for their missing husbands and sons?

Why did you abduct them?
Aren’t they the ambassadors of
Peace and love from God you believe?
They are gentle people who never retaliate
Against those who harm them.
Aren’t they a God-given

Thread of hope?
Please do not cut it.
If you did it,
The stones on the road will cry with sadness.


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