PEACE PROBE by Gene Stoltzfus

The 20th Hijaker by peaceprobe
March 6, 2006, 11:33 am
Filed under: Detainees, Scripture: Nonviolence

During this time of Lent I invite your attention to the question of captives, a matter that was second on Jesus priority list in his return to his native village, Nazareth. The story of the 20th hijacker gives insight into life in captivity. Captives and their treatment have been a consistent matter of concern for prophets, ancient writers including those who wrote the Bible, and freedom workers. In this time of Lent I am sure there are church workers and pastors who will want to imaginatively consider how Jesus might have been treated in the period of his captivity leading up to his first penalty of death (Luke 4; 28-30) – the one from which he escaped during his visit to his hometown Nazareth and in his second captivity leading to his execution.

For some insight on how modern persons in captivity are treated you may want to consult Time magazine’s article on the 20th hijacker. 

The 83 page supporting piece for this article, includes excerpts of a daily log of the interrogation of al-Qualtani the 20th hijacker at Guantanamo . In this, sanitized log we get some sense of the state of captivity in the age of terrorism. The log begins Nov. 23, 2002 and continues through January 11, 2003. The log may be inspiration for skits, sermons and teachings appropriate for lent. It dramatizes the clash of culture and the use of state power in the treatment of captives. It shows how the basic stuff of life, food, water, sleep, fear, survival and prayer function in captivity.


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