PEACE PROBE by Gene Stoltzfus

Peace Delegation to Pakistan by peaceprobe

This week I will be joining a Pakistan Team for several weeks of travel and peacemaking exploration among Pakistani people. Over the past year United States intervention in Pakistan with Predator aircraft and other instruments of war have killed hundreds of Pakistanis. As representatives of the United States peace movement our group of five people are seriously concerned about the drift to war in the region and its effect on Pakistan with no apparent exit strategy to end it. Several team members have worked for extended periods in Iraq and we know first hand the dangers of modern warfare including a generation of smart bombs and the exploding products of digital warfare.

 The civilian victims who have been killed, the displacement of two million Pakistanis and the destruction of property inspires the concern of people around the world. This is dangerous for all the peoples of South Asia. Our group knows that in the work across long held boundaries and conflicts it is crucial to get know the faces and hearts of individuals and communities who are affected in order to break the cycles of silence and violence.

Our group of five Americans travel as private individuals. All of us have been part of nonviolent activities that question drone bombing. We are people of conscience and conviction who have spent decades working to overcome the sources of violence. We were encouraged to undertake this venture by our Pakistani friends. As we listen to the Pakistani people we will assemble what we learn, and work to expand the growing movement to build peace in this region and among people in the United States.

 Our team has been organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence. Besides me our team will be made up of Kathleen Kelly Co-Coordinator of Voices, Co-Coordinator Dan Pearson Voices, Voices,  Steve Kelly SJ and Razia Ahmad, research scientist, Peoria IL. Voices For Creative Nonviolence, Pakistan Team, 1249 West Argyle Street, Chicago, IL 60640, 773-878-3815,


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Hey, good to hear from you. Like many, I wondered if you and the team
were affected by the Lahoe bombings.

Safe travels. And good listening. W

Comment by peaceprobe

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